[possible bug] ctrl+shift+right in specific filter

It could be my configuration (lots of ahk scripts), but probably not.
When I press * for the filter to show up, if I paste or type something like this figures/mixedfigures/a/b
and go to the beginning of figures, if I press ctrl+shift+right it marks figures, and pressing right again and again has no further effect, i.e. it doesn't mark mixedfigures,a,b .. doing it the other way (to the left) works!

I can't reproduce that. In the filter bar's edit field (unlike path fields), / isn't a word break at all and pushing ctrl+shift+right when the cursor is at the start will select the entire string:

Are we talking about the same filter? (The Find-As-You-Type field can also be configured to appear when * is pushed, for example. It'd look quite different to my screenshot as the icons and numbers wouldn't be there on the left.)

Can you try with AHK etc. disabled?

I don't mean the filter bar (the one where you supply an activation key in the filter bar preferences)
I mean the one that comes out when you press *
I checked the filterbar, it does what you said. But the star does what I say :slight_smile:
all ahk scripts disabled.

By default it is the Filter Bar which appears when * is pushed.

Could you post a screenshot showing what you see so we can be sure we're both looking at the same thing?

Here you go!

Thanks, we've fixed that for the next release.