Possible? Copy selected files to New Collection on the fly

Is it possible to copy selected files/folders to a new Collection on the fly. I do not want to use the function which lists existing collections for you to select.

The only interaction needed is a "{Rs|Type Name of new Collection|Burn This}"

It should be. Look at how the Send to Scrap button in the Scrap Collection Toolbar works. You should be able to replace the collection name with the {Rs...} command.

That's it!, Thanks a lot. This program is just TOOO versatile.

@set New_Collection = {Rs|"Pick Type"|Burn}

CreateFolder READAUTO=NO NAME="coll://{$New_Collection}"
Copy TO="coll://{$New_Collection}" COPYTOCOLL=member

I was going to reply earlier, but got tied up and Leo beat me to it :wink:... but just the same - this simplified 1-liner version I tried seems to achieve the same result:

Copy CREATEFOLDER "COLL://{Rs|Type Name of new Collection|Burn This}"

Does COPYTOCOLL work if you use CREATEFOLDER? I think there may have been a reason I didn't do it that way, although I may just have not thought of it.

Since nobody seemed to distinguish between copying to a collection as either a sub-collection or direct member in 'this' thread I hadn't bothered looking at it... but I just tacked COPYTOCOLL=sub to the end of the command I tried and it seemed to work just fine.

FWIW: The COPYTOCOLL argument 'name' is a bit misleading. If you're not paying attention you might think that COPYTOCOLL let's you specificy the name of the collection to copy to... instead of the member/sub option it controls.