Possible dialog box bug

I've been able to reproduce what I think is a bug in the display of a dialog box.

Here's what I do to cause the problem:

  1. Create a shortcut in a lister window (or use an existing one)
  2. Drag a copy of the shortcut to the desktop ( I use the right mouse button and then select "copy" from the menu)
  3. Drag another copy of the shortcut to the desktop

A dialog box should popup asking if you want to "copy and replace", "don't copy" or "keep both".

What's been happening to me is that the dialog box pops up for a moment and then drops behind the main lister window, yet it still holds the mouses attention. In other words, it hides itself behind the main window, but won't let you move the window until you click on one of the three choices, but you can't click because it's behind the main window. In order to keep from having the problem clicking on one of the choices I have to move the lister window off to one side of the screen, (before I start the copy process) so that when the dialog box appears it's not totally covered.

Can anyone else reproduce this condition?

I just tried this with other files types and get the same result.
If you right-click and drag from an EXE file and then select "Create a shortcut" multiple times, a number is added to the short-cut icon each time.

Running Win7 with all updates.
BTW, I am using Fences Pro, but I don't think that has anything to do with the issue.


I can't reproduce that.

Does it happen without Fences Pro?

Does it happen if you drag from another program instead of Opus? (The dialog you are seeing is part of Explorer, rather than Opus, and it is the drop target which handles the drag & drop.)

I guess I should have taken it a few steps further.

The bug does NOT occur using Explorer and Fences PRO enabled.
The bug does NOT occur using DO and Fences PRO disabled.

Any thoughts?

Try dragging from something other than Explorer or Opus, with Fences Pro enabled.

e.g. You can create the shortcut somewhere, then open WinRAR or 7-Zip (if you have one of them installed) and drag the shortcut from them to the desktop.

Tried it using 7-Zip and it worked as expected. The dialog box was on top and stayed there.

So far, the only time the problem arises is using DO and having Fences Pro enabled.

As long as I remember to slide the lister window over to the side, I can deal with it. But if I forget, the dialog box pops up then drops behind the lister window, but refuses to allow any other item on the screen to have the attention of the mouse.

I have to modify that last statement. If I do forget to move the lister window, I can click on the little rectangle at the end of the task bar that shows the desktop and minimizes all windows to the task bar - except the "stuck" dialog box. At this point I can select one of the options and all will proceed as normal.

Another head scratcher, huh?

That is strange.

It is the drop target -- in this case Fences, since it takes over the Desktop and does custom things when you drop files in different parts of it -- which handles the drag & drop and which creates the dialog in question. Maybe talking to Stardock will shine some light on it and posting in their support forum may get other Fences users reporting similar issues with other programs or ideas on what's causing it.

Thanks for the input. I'll give Stardock a visit.