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Possible to have Opus configs stored off OS?

I restore my system every 2-4 weeks and while it's not a huge problem, sometimes I forget to backup my opus settings and lose some config changes. It gets a bit tedious as well having to do this every time I don't want to lose something, so I go through the backup dialogs about 5 times a week.

I'd like to just use an MKLink and put everything on another drive as I do with other programs or even an "auto backup" everyday would be great.

If this already exists or has been asked, forgive me I didn't find exactly the same issue.

You can use mklink to move the config folders somewhere else, yes.

/dopusdata is probably the only one you'd really need to link, but /dopuslocaldata has a few things you might also want to do that one for. I wouldn't bother with /dopusglobal.

The two FAQs on config backups go into more detail on what is in the individual folders if you need it.

Thanks, seems to be working. (left out the global folder)

I do remember giving this a shot some time ago with all three folders but couldn't get it to work properly when I restored the OS from a drive image and went back to just manually backing up configs.