Possible to populate a vbscript array with selected files?

@script vbscript

Sounds interesting to me, but what exactly do you want to tell us !?.. o)
And how is this used, further details needed. I code vbscript myself, and
everything which has to do with scripting and dopus is of interest to me.


Basically I'm trying to poulate an array with the list of files selected so that I can process it anyway I want (boilerplate code).

I frequently exceed the maximum amount of arguments I can pass to an exe so I want to create a script which reads in a text file and converts it to an array for processing.

Hence the code below represents a sketch of the idea:

@script vbscript

Do a search in the manual (F1) for filem and you'll get an explanation of how to make Opus write the filenames to a temporary file for you, no @script required.

By the way, @script is currently only supported when renaming. You can "abuse" it to do things other than renaming, though. See here:

[[OBSOLETE] "Abusing" Rename Scripts to do other things with file info)