Possible to recover ftp login info from ftplast.osd or ftplogpane.osd?

My computer became very, very sick yesterday, to the point that i reset Windows 10. In my frustration i did not do a proper backup of DO. I had two ftp sites that i would connect to through DO and hope there is a shortcut from my having to research the details i once understood.

In my Windows.old branch, under the Users\ (me) \AppData\local\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\State Data subdirectory, i found some files with the osd extension. Can these somehow be used to recover the information i am looking for, or anything else under the Windows.old branch?

Just copy the files over and they should work.

I just noticed that in the Roaming subdirectory under ConfigFiles there is something labeled ftp.oxc that appears (via NotePad) to have more information - is this a good bet also?

Yes, you'd probably want that as well.

As always, Thank-You!

Trying to avoid more damage by reacting too fast, kind of like the damage i did yesterday when i didn't try to back up some info...

Wow, that was a relief, it worked!

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