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Possible to upgrade after skipping one version?


I apologize in advance as I am sure this must have been covered but the search terms are so broad that I can't find an authoritative answer except this thread that was rather tentative.

When dopus 12 came out, I was about 6 months away from a computer upgrade (from work) and I thought to wait and upgrade on the fresh install. That upgrade took nearly two years, however, and dopus is at 12.8.

If I wait for version 13 (whenever that would be), could I still upgrade from 11 to 13 with the generous discount you provide for previous license holders? Or does it only apply to upgrading from the latest version?

Thank you in advance.


I can't predict how upgrades will work in the future, but I think you've been able to skip versions in the past, possibly with a smaller discount.

With recent upgrades there has been a time element to upgrade discounts, so that if you bought Opus very soon before a new major version came out, you got a much bigger discount, or even a free upgrade. But I don't know if the discount was lesser if you skipped a version, and it's probably all subject to change anyway since nothing about Opus 13 pricing has been decided yet.

For a definitive answer, I would email sales (see the first part of the Licencing FAQ for the address).

What I can tell you is that Opus 13 is not around the corner. We are still working full-time on free updates to Opus 12, and we have not even started on 13 yet. If you're waiting until Opus 13 to upgrade, you'll be waiting for some time.

12.8 does not mean Opus 12 is 80% over. There'll be a 12.9, a 12.10, a 12.11, etc. The 8 is just a number.


Thank you. That's all I needed to know.
Seeing what a major upgrade 12 was, it makes sense that 13 is not on the horizon yet. Thank you again for your answer and especially for all your work