Power mode command issues with non-selected files

I've found a minor, yet annoying thing in DOpus, that has to do with Power mode and non-selected, but highlighted files.

I can't seem to get DOpus to act in certain ways on files that are highlighted (the selection row with the dotted lines is on a file but the file itself isn't selected).
I have the function "Show" assigned to F3, that opens the file in DOpus file viewer.
For some reason, I always have to select the file before I can hit F3 to view the file. Is there a setting or a way that I can solve this without having to abandon Power mode? Power mode in itself is one of the sole reason I enjoy DOpus so much.

For what it's worth, this isn't restricted to Power mode; it's how Details works as well.

Commands like Show act on the selected files by design. I don't think the item with the keyboard focus has any affect (unless it is also selected).