Power mode drag-drop

What I would find extremely useful is a drag source of some sort for power mode. Selecting non-adjacent files with a single click is very useful, especially in combination with drag selecting, but it would be nice if you could then initiate a drag operation with the mouse alone (rather than reaching for CTRL+SHIFT).

What I have in mind is an additional icon on the title bar of the lister (next to left/right/up etc.) which can be dragged with the left or right mouse button with no keyboard modifier. Am I right in thinking that this option does not exist at the moment? Would anyone else find this useful?

Incidentally, is it also correct that you can set click/double-click/click+modifier events (for filetypes) for the left and middle mouse buttons but not the right button? It seems to me that a right-button double-click could be useful and needn't get in the way of context menus etc.

You can already do this. You just have to drag the files out to the left or the right to initiate drag & drop (since dragging upwards or downwards in Power mode will do a range selection).

Correct (since it would get in the way of the context menus, at least as they are -- of course Opus could add a delay to give you time to double-click and avoid the menu coming up, at the expense of having to wait longer for menus to appear when you do want them).

Thanks. I'd seen that in the manual but I hadn't been able to convince it to work. Having tried again, it seems this only works when you are also adding a file to the selection. This isn't the end of the world, and I will certainly use this in the future, but is there any way of initiating a drag of just the currently selected files with the mouse (i.e. a genuine mouse-only version of CTRL+SHIFT)?

OK. Would the delay problem really be significant? Single-click select and double-click open seems to work fine for the left mouse button...

If you set the left button to "auto-deselect" then you can always initiate a drag with just the mouse, but you'll then have to put the toggle-select functionality on the middle (or right) mouse button.

You can also drag using the right mouse button but that will, of course, open a drop-context menu when you let go, unless you turn off the menu (which is usefuls so you probably don't want to turn it off).