Power View problems

I have always used Power View mode in Dopus 8, but find that in Dopus 9 I can not get it to 'stick'. It also works differently in Vista to XP?

  1. In Vista, I have a dual view default lister. I set up both views as Power Mode, and select the 'Save as Default Lister' option from the menu. If I then close Dopus 9 and restart it, it comes up in Details mode on both of the dual views.

While in Power Mode, I can change the folders viewed in both of the lister's views, and all are in power mode.

  1. In Windows XP on my Laptop, if I proceed as above, then the settings for the lister are saved, i.e. the Default lister opens in Power Mode, but only for the top level folder, all sub folders are in Detail mode.

I have searched the Settings dialog for Power, but can not find anything to change the behaviour. What I really want is Power mode on all folders, all the time.

  1. As an aside, clicking the Help\Directory Opus Manual menu item takes you to the screen where you can download the Dopus 8 repeat 8 manual. I have already downloaded the Dopus 9 manual and hoped that this would enable me to open it from within Dopus.


I got Power mode to stick by going to Tools - Folder Options and setting Power Mode under the Display Tab. Finally Save for all Folders and confirm.

Now all new listers open in Power Mode here (XP Pro SP2)


  1. and 2. are likely due to your Folder Formats. See the FAQ linked in my signature.

  2. Is true and the webpage needs updating, but note that the Help MANUAL command isn't part of the Opus 9 default menus anymore, it's something left over from your Opus 8 configuration. Now that the F1 help file contains the full manual the command to load the PDF manual is more or less obsolete (but does still work).

To get the Help MANUAL command to work, do the following:
[ol][li] Download the Opus 9 Reference Manual (.pdf) file.[/li]
[li] In Opus, copy the .pdf file to /home—the Opus program folder alias.[/li]
[li] Rename the file "Directory Opus 9 Manual.pdf".[/li][/ol]Then if you click a button with the Help MANUAL command, it will open the .pdf file. Trevor made nice shiny new icons for it as well. :smiley: