PowerShell Here Menu Option, Factory Default Toolbars, Etc

I know that default PowerShell Here support was added in v.12.2.6. I just noticed today, though, that my DOpus here at home does not have that. (I have it on my install at work and have been using it extensively.)

This is probably because I have been carrying over my settings since, like, the beginning of time (well, since v.8.0 anyway :sunglasses:) Judging from my "Customize Toolbar" context menu, I'm sure things are pretty messy and clogged up.

After ten years, there are a lot of customizations I don't want to lose, so uninstalling and reinstalling (and not importing my backup settings) is not my desired solution.

Is there a specific .osd file (in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\State Data) or someplace specific in the registry I can edit to restore default context menu behavior and only context menu behavior?

Settings / Customize / Context Menus, select Lister Context Menu in the list and then from the File menu select Factory Reset.

Or you can just add the CLI DOSPROMPT=powershell command manually.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!