Powertoys context menu error

Now this is something I haven't seen before. As seen below, it seems to have something to do with the 'FileLocks'. I upgraded to the newest version of PowerToys today (0.71.0), so I guess it has something to do with that.

My question is, should I click 'ignore' or 'block'?

Directory Opus has trapped an error caused by the context
menu extension {UD68S7S-E18646AD&CB-BAEB4SEE29CO}
(error code 00000000).
This context menu extension is implemented by the file
Select 'Block' to stop Directory Opus calling this extension
again in the future, or select 'Ignore' to prevent further
warnings about this extension.

It means their menu (shell extension) crashed. Report it to the menu's authors.

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Your post sent me to the Powertoys website to look at the upgrade. I noticed this in the changelog. I don't know if it means anything.

File Locksmith
Added setting to show only in extended context menu.

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I will. Thanks.

That sounds likely to be the culprit. Thanks!

I got a response from the Github forum. I assume this will be a high priority:

"Also crashes windows explorer.
Windows 11 22H2, not running as admin.
Happens 100% when right clicking (so loading context menu)."

Notice that it doesn't crash DOpus. Only gets a message with the 'block' / 'ignore'. DOpus works fine after that.