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Sorry, doesn't seem to be a forum where I can praise DOpus 11. Quite an improvement over v10. Kudos! :smiley:


Quick question. Where do I find the Folder Options dialog?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Click on the word "Folder" on the default toolbars, and it's in that menu. It's on the top toolbar, in the group of things on the right. (View [] [] [] Folder [] [] Lister ...)




I work with and use DOpus every day. It is really invaluable and it too bad there is no way to "share" my strong praise of your product. I don't praise many apps or tools, so it really means something for me.


You should really start a new thread for this. Just call it praise. :slight_smile:


Dopus is the only thing keeping me on Windows at this point.


Once again, I am enthusiastically appreciative of the capabilities, care, and design attention in DOpus :heart:.

I was working with a lot of similarly named files and need to perform some renaming etc. I wanted to see the files in a spreadsheet file view. 2 minutes in DOpus preferences, a quick search, and like magic I had dashed grid-lines with transparency and full-focusedLine-hiliting, relative file aging and size on the active-lister. The speed of refresh and display remained smooth and fast. While I was there I discovered the ".." parent directory option and found it immediately useful.

DOpus is just a very well crafted and thought out tool - indispensable for Windows.


p.p.s, and only two days ago I had to quickly pull ALL our Tropo service logs from their FTP site before they shutdown permanently. I just clicked on the pre-configured SFTP (I have that DOpus option), saw all the available logs and then just did a sweet, fast transfer from their servers, through my machine onto our data-warehouse network (SMB drive) over 10GB fiber and it was done. No pain, no effort, not even really a moments thought. Awesome.


Brother, you said it! If DOpus was available on a Mac I would have long abandoned the complete and utter disaster that is Windows 10 these days.
There is nothing, but absolutely nothing, that could even remotely compare to the power and flexibility that DOpus provides in the area of file management. And, to continue the praise, the kind of care and attention that the DOpus team invests in their product as well as the support of their users/customers is likewise unmatched in the industry.


I absolutely agree. DO is like a breath air into the world of Windows derpville.


Forklift and Pathfinder are both good apps. Pathfinder has some good rename functionality but it's basic. Name Mangler is also pretty basic. But for me, I've tweaked DOpus so much over the years, particularly the toolbars, that I would need the same functionality in MacOS to even consider switching over. And I'm not sure that any MacOS app allows that degree of button creation and tweaking. So I'm not sure it will ever have a competitor over there.


I'm using Pathfinder on my Mac, too, as the one file manager in the desert of Mac OS offerings in that area that just barely deserves that name. And let's not get started on Finder :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
However, as you know, Pathfinder is a far cry from DOpus; it's not even remotely close. Plus, talking about the care invested in a product, Pathfinder is just atrocious; buggy as heck with a messy and not well thought-out interface. Heck, they don't even offer a manual or just a real help function. All they have is a link to some random FAQs and knowledge base files and the user is left to poke around on his/her own to try and figure out how things work, or what functions may be available. I can't believe they are charging people real money for a product that is not only unpolished but flat out unfinished, and apparently eternally so. It's a crying shame that Mac OS doesn't really have a decent file manager. Oh well, off the soap box I go… :grinning: