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Sorry, doesn't seem to be a forum where I can praise DOpus 11. Quite an improvement over v10. Kudos! :smiley:


Quick question. Where do I find the Folder Options dialog?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Click on the word "Folder" on the default toolbars, and it's in that menu. It's on the top toolbar, in the group of things on the right. (View [] [] [] Folder [] [] Lister ...)




I work with and use DOpus every day. It is really invaluable and it too bad there is no way to "share" my strong praise of your product. I don't praise many apps or tools, so it really means something for me.


You should really start a new thread for this. Just call it praise. :slight_smile:


Dopus is the only thing keeping me on Windows at this point.