Preferences dialogue text too small

Hello, I spent about an hour searching for this and decided to register here and ask. I know there are many options for changing font sizes in preferences / display... but where is the option to change the preferences dialogue box font itself? Its incredibly tiny and on a 1440p monitor I have to squint. There is nothing in the help files or resources and I google it and found that as of dopus 11, "The Preferences dialog can now be resized like most other Opus dialogs"... but no clue as to how and where to do it. You would think it is in the same place as preferences / display options... but amazingly... its not there.

You can resize the Preferences dialog by dragging the corner, like any resizable window. That won't change the font size, though.

The Preferences dialog, as with most in Windows, should use your system-wide font/DPI settings. Is it using a much smaller font than other dialogs on your system? (Some may use 8pt or 9pt which would cause a slight difference, but not so much the 8pt would be hard to read compared to the 9pt.)