Preferences / Display / Options / Use current folder's icon

Set to OFF, right after installing the latest beta.

What are you smoking? o) Looking at the DO logo for 25+ years..
There's no way I will go on without that blue/yellow/red disk-thing in the taskbar. o)

Consider to make it "OFF" by default, why would you hide this wonderful brand-logo?
How would a noobie or pro differentiate between regular explorer windows and DOs?

Thank you for keeping this application alive!
Have a nice weekend as well. o)
See you, tb!


Caught me off guard as well... I was thinking "Who TF opened File Explorer?" :blush:

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People seem confused by the icon generally, and its main use is helping to know source vs dest when copying between top-level windows, which we don't think many people do these days (instead of dual-displays in a single window). And showing the current folder's icon can be useful to tell one window apart from another. So we figured the default should be on. :slight_smile: