"Preferences window close itself"

Open preference window and try to search in "search preference"... I was always hitting enter after I wrote what I want to see, which preference... (today I figured out it is not necessary, because it search the settings automaticaly, however I would like to still mention it)... you found the settings, change the setting and click on "Apply".. now go back to search something else and when you hitt "Enter" the preferences window is closed. It can be, or dont need to be the bugg, now when I know the enter key is not necessary it is OK.. but few searches kept me thinging it is not so clear and something is wrong

Doesn't happen here. Pushing Enter in the search field (bottom left of Preferences) doesn't close the window for me.

I've had this happen a couple of times - not consistent for me though and I haven't noticed a pattern that causes it.

I can reliably make it happen with these steps:

  1. Open settings (Settings > Preferences...)
  2. Click in the search field, type a query and hit Enter
  3. Browse the results by clicking on at lease one section in the left column (makes the search field lose focus)
  4. Click in the search field and hit Enter - window closes
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Confirm @Indy steps

Thanks for those steps @Indy! We've fixed this for the next beta.

Confirmed fixed in 13.0.37 beta.

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