Prefix or Suffix Date to Folder

Has anyone created some preset rename scripts that can rename an existing folder by adding the current system time and date either as a Prefix or Suffix to the folders extant name. Leo created some buttons to do similar things but these I believe where, I believe, when one is creating a folder for the first time. I need one that will act on an existing folders (those that already have names)
i.e. already named folder which simply appends the date, or date and time as a prefix or suffix. What would be even better is that there was an option to prefix the date to the folder based on the latest date of the files contained in the folder. The latter may be hard to do so the first option is ok. A button command would be ideal.

Thanking you in advance

The Rename menu comes with a command for adding the current date/time to names:

Finding the latest file below a folder and using its date would also be possible, with a bit of scripting.

Custom Column - Newest File - Directory Opus Resource Centre contains some simple VBScript code showing how to get the most recent file below a folder, which could then be used in a Rename script to add the file's date/time. If you need detailed help with that, please link your account.

Thanks Leo this was helpful but what I was looking for was a script that would attach a date tag/stamp to an already existing named folder. The date would be based on the date of the most resent date of the files contain within the said folder. Your recursive menu is a help here but what would be great is that if one select a particular folder, then automatically extract the latest creation date from the files it holds. The relevant then by magic (I assume a large chunk of computer code) the folders name would be appended or better still prefixed to parent or root folders all by one press of a button.

That's what my answer was about, I think.