Prefs Find Box Focus

Is there a command to open Prefs with focus to the Find box?
Or a key combination to select the Find box once Prefs is open?
Trying to avoid having to use the mouse or track pad to select the Find box, as my wrists are a bit sensitive at the moment. :slight_smile:

+1 for this or just make it the default. :thumbsup:

Just push F3.

Fantastic. Thanks for that, Leo.

+1 for this. When you start typing, you're already in the box. I can't think of where else you would want to be at that stage.
Unless there's a command for it, eg


Just looked up Prefs ? in the CLI, couldn't see anything with that scent.

I never tire of saying it: this Prefs "find field" makes it the best Prefs menu. Ever. Wow! You guys absolutely nailed it.

Warmest wishes everyone.

Ctrl F also works.