I can't get Prefs IMPORT to work in a custom button - running the following cause DOpus to crash without warning:

Prefs IMPORT "C:\Opus.dps" IMPORTSETTINGS=filetypes,filters,images,toolbars,replacetoolbars,prefs,sounds,replacesounds,quiet IMPORTFLAGS=formats,ftp,hotkeys,misc,sounds,toolbars,commands,quiet

Can anyone help? It works without the IMPORTSETTINGS and IMPORTFLAGS parameters....

You only need the IMPORTSETTINGS and not the IMPORTFLAGS part:

Prefs IMPORT "C:\Opus.dps" IMPORTSETTINGS=filetypes,filters,images,toolbars,replacetoolbars,prefs,sounds,replacesounds,quiet

I can confirm the crash that you see with the original button, but this fixed version is all you need and also seems to work fine without a crash.

IMPORTSETTINGS is for the newer .dps files, made by the Import/Export command or wizard, which save all configuration data.

IMPORTFLAGS is for the older style .dpf files, made by selecting Preferences->Save As in the Preferences dialog, which only save the configuration data that you can see in the Preferences dialog.

So you never need to use both at once and if you're using the newer .dps files you'll always use IMPORTSETTINGS. (.dps files, IMPORTSETTINGS and the Import/Export dialog were added in Opus 8.1)

Hopefully that solves your problem! But equally Opus shouldn't crash on you, even if you try to do something wrong, so that's a good catch and something that I expected will be fixed in the next update.

FWIW... I set up the dblclk event for .DPS files to run the following:

dopusrt /cmd Prefs IMPORT "%1" IMPORTSETTINGS=filetypes,replacefiletypes,filters,replacefilters,images,replaceimages,toolbars,replacetoolbars,prefs,replaceall

It may have changed recently, but I had found in the past that not ALL settings were being imported the way I would have thought with using just IMPORTSETTINGS=replaceall... so test and check your imported settings. If it's still an issue I'll report it...

That seems wrong to me. Because if you look at the actual Import page on the Import & Export dialog, IMPORTFLAGS seems to represent the various options under the "Preferences" checkbox. I don't want to import ALL preferences, that's why I'm trying to use IMPORTFLAGS to import only the prefs I want. Does that make sense...?

I'm just going by the manual/8.2 changes PDF.

Rhywun... like Nudel said, the IMPORTFLAGS is from the older pre-v8 settings system and cannot handle the newer .DPS files. The .DPS files exported by the Import and Export dialog are actually just zip files which in fact contain the older saved preferences file (plus more)...

If you really wanted to restrict the 'Prefs' settings to import to just the IMPORTFLAGS=formats,ftp,hotkeys,misc,sounds,toolbars,commands,quiet set of flags you mentioned, I guess you could add some functions to your button to extract the .DPS file to a given folder, and then specifically run the IMPORTFLAGS argument against the PREFS.DPF file contained in the .DPS file...