Preserve path breadcrumbs location field


Please add an option preservepath to breadcrumbs location field configuration ( ... ration.htm)

Example: Let's say you're in folder


under C:\Users there are other user folders -> user1, user2, user3 etc... so if I use dropdown to from Users to change from user1 to user2, with the preservepath option it changes to

C:\Users\user2\AppData\Local\Microsoft (... or at least to last existing folder (if there is no Microsoft folder it would go to Local)).

This option also would be great for developers:


I 'm able to easily switch versions and stay in same structure...

That's an interesting idea, we'll have a think about that. That or something similar could be useful.

Great! I suppose this shouldn't be a big deal to implement :wink:
At the moment I do this manually several times a day (click and modify a single folder inside the path) so this one would be a big simplification. I'm looking forward...

Until today I didn't even know what "breadcrumps" was, although I use it all the time, and I must agree that the requested feature would be VERY useful for me...