Preserving open listers when PC is restarted

When I have several different listers that I have opened from DO, they all reopen when I restart my PC. Sometimes, though, rather than opening a new lister in DO and choosing the folder to focus on, I open the required lister by right-clicking on a folder in the 'pinned' list of File Explorer and choosing 'Open in Directory Opus'. This works perfectly in opening a lister with the relevant folder.
However, unlike listers that I have opened from DO, these are not present when I restart my PC. Only the listers that I opened from DO are 'preserved', which is a nuisance.
Is there any way of ensuring that all listers reopen, irrespective of how they originated, or is it just a quirk of DO's design that I need to suggest needs altering?

How a folder is opened shouldn’t matter. Are those windows still open at the point you shut down the computer?

Yes, once I've opened them via File Explorer, as described originally, they show along with every other open listster if I hover the mouse over the DO icon in the Windows taskbar, and behave like any other open lister until the PC is shut down.

What does Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup look like on your system?