Prevent closing toolbars


Is there a way to prevent closing Toolbars? If i right-click on toolbar to configure it, but i change my mind, the CLOSE command is just one pixel away from where i right-clicked. If my click misfires i close a Toolbar. I know its not a big deal to turn it on again, but i would really appreciate some help with this. The Toolbar context menu is not configurable like the Lister Context for example.
I appreciate every idea!

Thank you!

There isn't, but you could save your regular toolbars as a Toolbar Set and then make a hotkey which loads that set, as a super-quick way to turn them all back on without having to worry about which was closed accidentally.

Yeah cool im okay with this solution! Never used it, but now i will.

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Thinking further, you may not need to save your own toolbar set. You can use this to reset to your normal toolbars at any time:

Toolbar !default LOADSET=replace
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Thanks, i just started to fiddle around with the commands, but i will use yours for the sake of simplicity. Only changing !default to my own set. I have toolbars EVERYWHERE :smiley: