Prevent file from sorting after inline-rename

Hello! o)

I'd like to ask if there is a way to prevent inline-renamed files from sorting "away" after I press . I often inline rename files which belong together and I'm doing this down a looong list of files. Whenever I change the first part of one or multiple files and decide to press , they will sort somewhere else, you surely know that.

Now the issue is that I lose track of where in the long list of files I was doing the rename operations. I can choose to move the cursor away from the last file to be renamed and press , so I keep position in the file list this way, but then the files I renamed are out of view. Currently I can choose between "files out of view" or "losing scroll position". I need to run some more commands on the renamed files (another rename preset and auto-moving away), but since I cannot leave inline-rename without the files jumping away, I sigh a lot when doing so, since I need to relocate them, run the commands and then try to find the position where I left of (where the files were sorted before).

I thought the newly introduced manual sort would help here, unfortunately it does not work in flatview mode, which is what I'm in and a pity! o)

Thanks for any ideas! o)

Use the up/down cursor keys instead of pushing enter and you can move to other files. The re-sort only happens once enter is pushed.

Thanks Leo, I know, but I need to end the inline rename and run additional tasks on the renamed files, so moving the inline-rename to any other following item does not help. I need to select the freshly renamed items and then run 2 more hotkeys/buttons on these and that's where the issue is, because they are out of view, in some different place after leaving the inline rename mode.

And if I press in inline rename mode on one of the items renamed, the scroll positions follows them, so I can run my commands, but then I need to scroll back up/down hundreds of items to the position the renamed items were located before to be able to continue where I left off. You cannot work down a list of files continuously this way, since constantly lose track of where in the list you were before.

As mentioned, currently you can choose between "files out of view" or "losing scroll position". I don't like any of both to happen.

I think some kind of toggle/option to disable auto-sorting after inline-rename would be very helpful and cool. o) If I want items to be sorted finally or in between, I can always just run a refresh with "F5", but the forced auto-sorting is getting in the way more than it's useful (for me).

You could write a script to add an "original name" column, which never updates, and sort by that before doing your renaming.

Now that's an idea! I prevent the column from refreshing by not setting the autorefresh property of the column I guess..
Thanks, I'll give it a go! o)