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Preventing shortcuts droping on to soource addressbar


When performing a click and drag from the address bar we can create a shortcut of the current folder.
I see that when you do this you are prevented from dropping that shortcut in to the source Lister. I assume this is to prevent accidental shortcut creation.

However you are able to drop the shortcut on the to folder in the address bar. I find I accidentally do this a do this a bit when clicking on the address bar. It happens when I mess up clicking and moving the mouse, I must do a little drag while clicking (I use a trackball).

Could you add similar logic to prevent dropping a shortcut on the the source address bar as you have with the source Lister?



Network shortcut created intermittently when traversing UNC path

Indirectly. :slight_smile: The file display (and a few other things) will block creation of a shortcut to the folder they’re already showing, since it’s a common accident.

Certainly. For the next update, we have added a new breadcrumbs path field argument DragIgnoreSelf which does this. It should be added to the args when editing the path field:

Will be documented as:

  • dragignoreself: Blocks drag & drop from the path field to itself. Turn this on to avoid accidents when dragging out of the path field and releasing the mouse button prematurely. Note that, even if this is on, you can still hover over the arrows between path components and drop into the menus that pop-up, should you need to. Whether or not this is on, dragging from one path field to another is always enabled, as is dragging from the file display or other elements to the path field.

(At some point we should provide a proper UI for the breadcrumbs options so you don’t have to look up the args in the manual, but that’s for another day.)


Nice one, thanks mate.


Confirming this fixes the issue I was having. Thanks for adding the feature :slight_smile:

I can’t think of a reason why anyone would want this off (esp as it is the default behavior of the Lister). Perhaps enabling it by default and changing the option to allowdrageself would be more suitable?