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Preventing Stored FTP Password


Regarding FTP connections, is there a way to administratively prevent users from being able store their password in the FTP Address Book? Specifically I want the "Ask for Password" and the associated Password field grayed out, with the "Ask for Password" checkbox always checked.


Not currently, no.

You could scrub the config files for data that looks like stored passwords, but the data would already be on disk at that point so that may not be ideal.

We could probably add an option for this, but there wouldn't be much stopping the user from toggling that option as well, unless it was in the registry or similar and your users don't have permissions to modify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, as an example. (We prefer not to put settings in the registry, but it might make sense for something like this.)

If we did add something it would be for Opus 12, of course.



Thanks for the quick reply,

I haven’t come across an SFTP program that doesn’t have a checkbox to save the password, although in these days of heightened security, it is certainly not a good idea and it is against our company policy. Having a setting in the registry that would determine whether the check box is selectable, would at least make it administratively possible to prevent the uses from not having to re-enter their password.

Hope it is included in version 12. I’ll be watching for it on your website.

Thanks again.


We're adding this in the next beta (12.9.2).