Preview pane - "Can't display" error message aesthetics

I have turned off the viewer pane's ability to preview Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files, so it displays this error message. It's big and red eye-catching. I'm wondering if I can have it display nothing. Currently I have those preview handlers unchecked in the Plug-in configuration. If there's another way to handle this, let me know! Or if I can change the screen displayed that would be nice, too.

Any reason for that? They shouldn't cause a problem.

My files are in Dropbox and many are stored in online-only mode. When I highlight a file that is online-only, it starts to fetch it from Dropbox and while that is happening, DOpus can be slow or unresponsive. Awhile ago I was experiencing full DOpus crashes as a result (Preview Pane instability with Dropbox's online-only files - #13 by ByronWillis)

The only things that I want to have pop up in the viewer pane for my workflow are PDF's and image files. I found that by turning off the .docx and the .xlsx files, the instability issues abated.

Support++ the OP's suggestion

Another idea that I had regarding this issue. It would be if within the preview handler page if there were an option to select which files I want previewed. For example, right now, if I go into an old folder of mine (which is just on cloud storage) and select a .docx file, it will take about half a second to load the red splash screen, and the file will be indicated as having been downloaded. I would like to be able to have the preview pane open and know that every time I click a file, DOpus won't ask Dropbox to fetch the file from the server (if it's a file type that I don't want previewed).

Why not turn the preview pane off when it’s not wanted? It just wastes space if it isn’t displaying anything.

Yep I usually do. But sometimes I'll be in an archived folder where I'd like to preview an image here and there, but not, for example a 500MB audio file. I may click on the audio file inadvertently which will begin the process of fetching it from the server.