Preview Window extern?


is it possible to view the Preview window not inside the Lister but outside so I can move them to my second monitor?

I can´t find the option to release the preview from the lister, I can only switch between vertical and horizontal view. There is a option which says "centre the preview window" but I can´t see a change. When I switch to fullscreen mode the Viewer is outside as I need, nut the preview is still inside the lister too.

For any hint, thank you very much.


BTW: what is the hotkey to jump from one to other lister in dual pane mode?

I use Dopus 10.0

What type(s) of file(s) are you viewing?

For images, you can just double-click them to open the viewer as a separate window. (Assuming Opus is configured to use its viewer on double-click.)

Hello Leo,

thanks for your reply.

I use different types... sometimes PDF and most time images like .png,.gif. a.s.o.

When I use it for PDF and klick on the fullscreen button on the preview pane inside the lister, a extern PDF viewer popsup with toolsbar. Exactly this window I would like to have for all file types.

Is this possible?



.. do you have also a hint regarding the hotkey for lister switch?

Make a button which runs the Show command, then use it with a file selected. I think that'll do what you want.

Tab is the key to toggle sides on a dual-display lister.

Hello Leo,

thank you for your help!

It works fine, even I have a made to the button a hotkey to open the viewer window.

Regrettably the scrolling and switching to the next image does´nt work in the external viewer, but this is´nt so bad.

Best regards.


The next/prev file stuff should work for images. Maybe not for PDFs (I'm not sure to be honest; I rarely use the standalone viewer with PDFs).

Make sure Settings -> Preferences -> Viewer -> Standalone Viewer -> Generate Next/Previous list is turned on.

Hello Leo,

when I double klick on a image the XNviewer starts and there the scrolling function work.
When I start the external Dopus viewer with my hotkey or with the button it does´nt work even when the option is set in the preferences of the viewer.

May there is a conflict with the XNviewer.

Best regards.


Hello Leo,

OK, now it´s all done and works perfect. I use the Dopus Viewer for all image type on the system and the external viewer popsup and the scrolling via scroll wheel works fine.

Thanks again!

Best regards