Preview zip program crashes

When previewing a zip archive the program appears to exit the current window, restarts, and also does not open the tab containing the zip file after restarting
Below is the software version

What are they being previewed with? Does it crash in File Explorer as well?

There’s no Zip viewer (as in for the viewer pane) built into Opus, so this is likely not an Opus issue, unless you also see issues when double-clicking Zips to go inside them.

As you said, it's the zip itself, not Opus, everything else is fine with the zip file

But what is previewing the zip? There isn't a zip previewer built-in to Opus, if you mean you're viewing the zip in the viewer/preview panel.

Does the same previewer also get used in File Explorer? Does it crash there as well?

If you double-click that zip in Opus to go inside of it (like it was a folder), does it open OK, or is there also a problem when doing that?

I tried double clicking on that zip file and calling the bandizip program and it opened. So I didn't try to open the zip file with DO.
Is the same previewer used in File Explorer? Does it crash there too? I don't have an answer for you on this question because the zip archive that went wrong has been completely deleted by me.
After your reminder, I realized that the latest version of Dopus should be fine, and the zip files saved in my hard disk can be viewed normally in the viewer/preview panel.
I'm sorry for the hassle, all is well with Dopus!