Previewing a found item

I am using the Find tool ,to find text within files - it works good .

But to find the occurrence of the text , I need to open up the all the files, and search for it.

In addition to the Find, is there way for Opus to preview the file and display the occurrences .

In the attached picture, all the listed files have the word PORT_DUMPER , but I also have an option to preview the exact location within the file .


Not currently. Some viewers allow you to search for text in the files they display, but the search query isn't fed into the viewer automatically.

(e.g. If it's a text file, the text viewer lets you search by typing into the viewer. Ctrl-F in the viewer also opens a search dialog with a few extra options.)

You might like dnGrep. Its search is not as powerful as Opus', but the preview functionality is probably what you are looking for.

dnGrep allows you to search across files with easy-to-read results. Search through text files, Word and Excel documents, PDFs, and archives using text, regular expression, XPath, and phonetic queries. dnGrep includes search-and-replace, whole-file preview, right-click search in File Explorer, and much more.

Okay thank you , had this been integrated in Opus it would have been good.


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