"previous" style


I don't understand the style named "previous." Why is it there and why is that style always activated when I open Dopus? Why isn't just the last used style used (or a style defined in the prefs)?



ROTFL... because Greg won't let Jon use "Default" anymore :wink:.

What happens if the "previous" style is completely removed from the prog? (it would be nice if then the lister starts with the last shown style or a style defined by the user. Reason: now there's just an extra button on the style bar which is also a confusing one)

The main reason is that the tab control doesn't allow for "no tab" to be currently selected. The thinking was that changes may have been made to the default Lister which don't match the currently selected style (for example, Dual Vertical may have been the last chosen style, and then the second file display may have been closed). When the Lister re-opens, Dual Vertical would be the selected tab but the Lister itself wouldn't match this. Therefore we added an extra tab which is always the one selected by default.

Removing the Previous tab would mean we would either have the risk of a new Lister not matching the style it says it is using (which could cause confusion in the user), or we would have to enforce that the Lister always resets itself to the last selected style.