Pricing and Upgrade Question

I've tried the evaluation of DO and so far I can say that I love the program. I do have a few issues however that are holding me back from buying my license.

My first question is, has the price of the program gone up? I believe that it used to $60 or $65 (an already VERY expensive amount), but now it looks like it has gone up to $70. Is that the only current price for it? Why the price increase for an already pricey program?

Secondly, it looks like the previous version of Directory Opus, namely 6.x and 8.x have all included free updates for the duration of the version number. After investigating the site a bit, it now looks like the current version 9 license only offers 12 months of minor updates. If this is the case, the price of the program has gone up and it looks like the license won't be supported as long. This concerns me as I would like the same kind of update protection that 6.x and 8.x customers had.

Lastly, if I purchase a single license, will I later be able to purchase a second license for about $30 (the difference between buying one or two licenses) or will I have to buy a second full price license at $70?

Sorry about these questions but they are the last hurdles holding me back from making the big jump.

The price is unchanged at $85 Australian, and has been for several years. If your currency has gone down in value that is hardly our fault :slight_smile:

Nothing has changed in regards to the update policy. "Officially" you get minor updates free for 12 months, in reality so far all minor updates (including several fairly major minor updates) have been free and there is no reason this situation will not continue.

You can add extra licences and features at any time, yes.