Print/export folder listing


I've tried out a few options but the force isn't with me at the moment...

I'm trying to create a text file with the names of folders for 2 levels down.

The directory structure for the folders is a high level folder with folders A-Z under it, with dashes indicating their level down:


I'd like to produce a list with just folder names fred, albert, etc so no filenames at all. I don't mind A,B, etc being gnerated because there's only 26 of those.


The easiest way is to do a search which will find all the folders, and then to print those results. (You can do it all from the Print Folder dialog, but it'll be a lot harder to refine your filter to get the correct results compared to doing it in the Find Panel.)

The basic search filter you want will look something like this, where in this example the aim is to list the folders below C:\Program Files:

Type - Match - [ Folders Only ] AND Full Path - Match - ^C:\\Program Files\\[^\\]+$ - Use regular expressions

You'll need to adjust the regular expression for your paths. If you need help with that, please tell us the full and exact paths you need it to work with, since we'll need to know them to tell you the expression to use.

If you need to do the search starting from a folder that has a lot of other folders below it, then you can speed things up by adding a subfolder clause to the filter, like in the screenshot below, which stops it going into deeper folders. You probably won't need that, though, judging by your example. (If you do need it, we'll need to know the exact details of the paths.)

Once you have the folders you want in the Find Results, you can then use the Print Folder option to create the list of what you see.