Print Folder Contents format

Hi there,

Anyone know of any ways to alter the format which the Print Folder function uses for it's output? I'd like to NOT have all files/folders printed out in the default 'flat' format. Instead, I'd really like to preserve and reflect the directory hierarchy something like:-Angra |---Holy Land |---Rebirth |---Temple Of Shadows -Cage |---Astrology |---Darker Than Black -Saviour Machine |---Legend Pt.I |---Legend Pt.II |---Legend Pt.IIIThe example output above would be something I'd like to generate using a 'Folders Only' filter in a Print Folder directory listing.

I don't think you can do this at the moment.

I've moved this to Feature Requests.

I guess you're essentially asking for the indentation of items in Flat-Grouped mode to be preserved by the Print Folder function.

Right now your best bet is to switch on the Location column, but the results won't be nearly as clear as in your example.

Well, switching on the location (relative) column does indeed help to easily associate the sub folders with their proper parent folders... The overall ouput is still kind of screwy looking though since the bottom most folders are what the name sorting is done against, so I get different albums from the same artist spread all over the place :frowning:.

But thanks anyway for the suggestion Nudel, though I'll still need to manually re-sort the output, this will save me a good bit of time compared to what I had before.

Another thing that has helped out alot is editing the Print Folder format to sort on the Location (relative) column. Now the artists albums aren't listed all over the place... good.

Still, for the purposes of a 'feature request' it would be nice to have an option to preserve the directory hierarchy in the Print Folder output - along the lines of how things look in a lister when Flat View->Grouped is selected from the View menu.