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Print Folder Contents with metadata takes a long time on slow device


Tools->Print Folder Contents of my library.
Folders from external USB drives have been added to the library.

When printing, the 'Sorting folder' seems to go on endlessly.
I tried 3 times.
The last time started about 40 minutes ago and it is still 'Sorting folder..."
(Opus v 12.10 x64 build 6853 (06-10-2018))


How many files on those drives? What columns are they being sorted by?

70 minutes seems an extraordinary amount of time but if you're sorting by a metadata column that requires each file to be opened, and the USB drives are fairly slow, it could explain it.


Thanks for getting back on this.
I honestly thought I removed this thread(?) because it was solved.

Anyway, the issue was probably caused by two matters:
In the "Print Folder Contents" panel, "Flat View - Mixed (No Folders)" was tagged
under "Format" - I have set Name/Size/Modified/Location, but actually, when the results were there, I noticed a few other fields were added, like height/width/dimensions. This may also take computing time I suppose.

I removed those fields and untagged the Flat View option.

Things are fine.
Forget it, my fault: I overlooked the tagged 'Flat View' option.

Thanks again.