Print Folder to Clipboard not working

Hi Jon/anyone,

When I do a Print Folder and select Clipboard as the destination and click OK... nothing happens. The Print Folder dialog remains, and nothing is actually captured to the clipboard. Setting the destination to a file on disk still works properly.

Not sure when it went wrong, but it hasn't worked for me in any of the v8.1.x.x builds, but works if I go back to v8.0.1.2.

It works okay for me in Unicode (I haven't rebooted for yet).

Are you using the ANSI version? Maybe something's broken.

It could also be that a program has locked your clipboard. Does copy and paste work in other programs, like Notepad? If not, try a reboot (or at least a logout/login).

At work I fairly often find the Citrix client dies horribly and never lets go of the clipboard. It's rather frustrating and seems to require a logout/login to fix. (Doesn't surprise me too much as clipboard handling, locking and sharing between programs in Windows is still very primative and hasn't changed much since the dark ages of Windows 3.11. It's a wonder it works as well as it does, I guess!)

Hey Nudel, thanks for the reply...

I am indeed using the ANSI version and have rebooted several times. Copy and paste works fine in other apps, and even in other parts of Dopus (I can paste the current clipboard contents to an auto-created Clipboard.txt file in a lister). I can go back to v8.0.1.2 and Print Folder to Clipboard works ok :frowning:.

Yes this is an ANSI version issue resulting from the conversion to Unicode.

We've fixed this. There will be a new version out later tonight. Not formally announced by the update notice so please check the download page then download this version.


Thanks alot Greg...

BTW; Any chance you guys might consider activating the 'Check for program updates automatically' primer on the site for these updates, since they are coming sort of frequently with the follow up 8.1 releases? I know you said you typically do not do that for 'dot' releases, but just figured I'd ask.

Ah ok. If it's a problem we'll just stop doing updates so quickly.


Ah ok. Guess that's one way to go about it.

Then in that case thanks for print folder to clipboard is working fine again, much appreciated.