Print Folder Tree

I can print a folder. However, I need to print the folder tree down to a specified level.

It would work in a way similar to print folder, but I could additionally specify how many levels down I would like to print the subfolders.

I could see a use for this... I would also like any such functionality to be part of a general extension to the internal Print function so that we could call Print Folder with various additional options to actually RUN the print operation to a specified destination (printer or disk file). I very often need to use the same sort of Print Folder options and don't really want to need to see the actual utility panel opened up in order to then have to perform additional clicks and selections... I want to be able to create my own button that just 'does it' against selected folders with the possibility of using {dlgstring} to allow me to specify the filename to output the text to...

So I ended up searching and searching until I found a simple utility that could do what is missing from Opus:
DirPrint ... prt40.html

It would be great if something similar could be implemented in Opus.

I just want to add my voice to requesting a simple menu command to print the folder tree, or a subtree. At times this is very useful --- it is not just a flat list of folder names, sorted aphabetically, as can now be done in Opus; it is indented to show the hierarchy, and it sorts subfolders within their parent folder. In such a feature-rich program as Opus it really surprises me this has not been routinely implemented --- PowerDesk has had it for years. And as best I can tell, Opus 9 still doesn't have it.
Am I missing something?

Yes, you're missing the Print Folder command in the Tools menu :slight_smile:

Jon, I've spent a lot of time in "print folder" on the tools menu, and haven't been able to figure out how to make Opus print the tree as I've described. If you can do it, please tell me how.

I'm talking about Opus 8, now. I don't have v. 9 installed. Is it new there? In my previous post I didn't think it was, as I had searched the manual for Opus 9 and found no reference to printing the tree, and where the "print folder" screenshots look the same as v. 8.

Some specific advice will be appreciated.

Opus 9 has a number of changes to Print Folder, including the ability to print in the various Flat View modes (Flat View Grouped does what you are specifically asking for.)

Thanks, Jon. I'll upgrade.