Printing Lister list w/ subfolders

Can anyone tell me how to print the folders & files in the Lister without listing all the folders & files in the root directory? Just as it looks in the lister.

Nothing fancy, just the plain old list, nothing more. WYSIWYG.
Thank You.

Tools > Print / Export Folder Listing and make sure the Flat View option is turned off.

Thanks, that was too easy! Okay, I've been looking for a way, in Preferences, to set the default printing mode with Flat View Off, but I was unable to locate it. I've been looking in the help file (F1) and could not find anything. Can you assist me with this issue as well? I know once I set it, Flat View will stay off.
Thank you in advance. :sunglasses:

The dialog will remember its previous setting, so do a print with it turned off and it should stay off for next time.