Priority of MovieViewerPlugin

Hello , i would like to switch the priorities, see:

...but somehow it is impossible to switch their places with the arrows. A bug or intended? :wink:

I guess it's intentional as those few at the bottom are intended to be catch-alls... you can certainly move the Active-X plugin "down", and you can move the Movie plugin further "up"... so they seem to disallow moving past one another on purpose.

So... I imagine if you really want the Active-X viewer to handle video files - you either need to disable the movie-plugin all-together, or modify the extensions covered by the Movie plugin to whichever ones you find not to work well via Active-X...

G'd morning steje.
Yeah, looks like it's on purpose. As detailed in my other post, the movie plugin is very powerful and once it is activated, it would take over all(!) supported movie files no matter which (or how many) extensions you specify in the box (movie plugin). This whole situation is not a problem. To be more specific, i would prefer to let the ActiveX handle all audio/video file extensions except for *.mpeg, and the movie plugin should take over only *.mpeg. But as mentioned, as soon as i turn on the movie plugin, it takes over all movie files (incl. *.tta, which is an audio format!!) no matter how empty the box is. In practice the box has no effect!

Fig1: The box has no effect:

Again, i dont regard the situation as problematic. It's not. I can preview virtually all A/V files (as outlined in the post), incl. all *.mpeg files. I just activate the movie plugin :wink:

The movie plugin will handle any filetype with PerceivedType=Video (in the registry), which is why you're seeing it handle more than just what's in the extension list.

The list of extensions is just there as a fallback, since the PerceivedType=Video value is sometimes removed (or never added in the first place) by things that don't modify/create the filetypes properly.

Thanks leo, your post is explains it all! So i was very right with my observation.. and i didnt realize this situation until i had done the extensive testings. I dont think that your info is documented in the DO10 help file.

It's good to have that fallback. (And i guess that there is no actual need, i admit, to change things re this matter, e.g. this thread subject). Btw, i noticed that the box is too small if i wanted to enter all supported file extensions. On my WinXP system, as is, the movie plugin handles all of these (as documented in my Coffeeshop post):

.3G2, .3GP, .3GP2, .3GPP, .ASF, .ASX, .AVI, .DIVX, .DVR-MS, .EVO, .FLV, .M1V, .MKV, .MOV, .MP2, .MP4, .MPA, .MPE, .MPEG, .MPG, .MTS, .OGM, .OGV, .QT, .RM, .RMVB, [b].TTA[/b], .WM, .WMV, .M2P, .M2V, .MOD, .MP2V, .M2T, .M2TS, .TS

This code doesnt fit into the box :wink: