Privacy clear issue

A minor issue related to the ability to clear the usage history in Miscellaneous/Privacy.
Specifically, the steps to reproduce it are designed for the Command History - Find As You Type option, but may affect others as well.

  1. Make sure you have at least one FAYT command stored in the history.
  2. Go to Prefs PAGE="privacy" and click "Clear History" for the Command History - Find as You Type option.
  3. Accept and close Preferences. Although you can see that the /dopuslocaldata\State Data\faytcommands.osd file has been deleted, the stored (and supposedly deleted) commands are still accessible and remembered in the FAYT command history list (I imagine this is because DOpus keeps this info in memory too?)
  4. Do not exit DOpus yet. Instead run any command via FAYT. It will be stored in the history.
  5. Now close DOpus. When you open it again, you will see that the file /dopuslocaldata\State Data\faytcommands.osd has been created, but with the previous commands supposedly deleted in addition to the last one used.

Thanks! Fixed in the next beta.


I can confirm that is fixed in v0.51. Thanks!