Problem accessing network drive, get C: directory when I select D:

I get drive C: on my networked computer when I try to access drive D: You can see in the accompanying jpeg file that I get exactly the same directory list for C: and D:, but D: is clearly distinct from C: on the network computer. I am using the latest version 12.17 on both computers, and I have rebooted both computers, but the problem persists.


Are you sure the drives are shared correctly at the other end?

What happens when you go to the same paths in File Explorer? If the result is the same there then you should look at how the shares are set up as that tells you it's unrelated to Opus.


Good call! Same problem with File Explorer. Drive D was not installed and drive C was shared as C and D. I only recently began using drive D, and this was the first time I tried to access it from my laptop.

Sorry to have bothered you with my problem, but your help made it easy to identify and fix.

I really like Opus. I have been using it for a long time.