Problem double-click when showing RAR-archive

On 2 different pc's I've noticed that DO sometimes "hangs" after opening a RAR-archive in a lister and nothing happens on left dbl-clk.

Example: Left lister shows an opened archive, right lister doesn't react on dbl-clk (e.g. for opening folder or executing). After ~1 minute DO executes all clicks at once and opens x DO-windows.

It's not reproducable everytime.

I have no solution. But sometimes it helps me just in all that a issue should be working. I have been using raw since day one. Day one would be when I first saw somebody trying to break into the zip world. That sure took a lot of guts for a new kid on the block.

That said the problems you're talking about I have not had those on my Windows 7, Opus 10 system. Sorry but I hope that someone else might be of greater help.


As it occurs very seldom it's not that problem. Just want to know if somebody got same prob or has a solution.