Problem of dopus, don´t refresh

Hi, im sorry for my english, im speak spanish, well, i have a problem recent with dopus, i have win 10 and now when copy, rename, move or when is performed any operation i have refresh the lister for that reflect the changes. thanks for your help.

Please see here for suggestions:

Already verify some things, in windows explorer the changes are reflected immediately and when I close and open dopus works well for some minutes but then returns with the same behavior of not reflect the changes.

What type of drive is it happening on?

Does it happen on all drives or just that one?

And what does the DebugView output show?

Hello, sorry for the delay in the response but what I did was reinstall the operating system windows 10 and apparently dopus works normal maybe something was interfering in the behavior of dopus, thank you very much for your attention