Problem of Focus

I got a problem with Opus 8.1.
When i doubleclick a file in a lister (a .txt for example), the associated apps launches but don't have the focus; dopus stays in front.

Is it possible to avoid that behavior.
I don't know if i have done something wrong, but i think it used to be different "before". (don't ask me before what:) )


Does it happen with all filetypes and all applications or just some?

Have you been editing the Filetype actions, or changing the XP focus options in something like TweakUI?

I have no solution to this but I have another focus-related question that I felt could go under the same topic.

Is there a way to give focus to newly created files/folders? E.g. creating a new folder or pasting a folder into the file view leaves it selected but unfocused. It would be handy if I could press enter after creating/pasting it to see its contents. Works in windoze explorer... :wink:

After creating a new folder it's already selected and I can hit enter to go inside it. Maybe there's an option somewhere that turns this on but I'm not sure. Certainly works here, anyway!

After creating a new file (using the New menu) the focus it on it but it's not selected. But pressing space (to select it) and then hitting enter will open it.

Don't think there's a way to do it with pasted files/contents.

I don't use WInXp but W2k and i didn't tweaked nothing except the filetype (changing icons and the kind of program to open specific files) as i did on another computer and i don't have this poblem.

I've tried with some kind of files (mostly video and txt files) and i got the same problem.

Have you checked the setting of the pin gadget? That's the little button in the far upper righthand corner that has a pushpin icon on it. If that was changed DOpus will do exactly what you're seeing.

Ok, for sure it must be this and i know about what you're speaking BUT ... i don't see it ! Don't know where it goes...
Is it possible to disable it from the preference menu ?

I use a single dual lister with a tree.

OK thanks i've found it. It was disable in the preferences options. I had to enable it again and change the behavior.

Thanks again

Speked to quick.
When i change the state (3 states) one is better than the other :
When i 2click a file the apps launch but doesn't have focus. If i 2click the file (or another one with the same extension the apps get focus)....

The problem remains and i'm sure it come from opus 'cause if i close it and try to open a txt file from the desktop the notepad get the focus. If i do the same with opus opened and minimized, the notepad dont't get the focus and i only see the desktop. Grrrrr

Got it !

I had to reboot for the changes take effects !
But it was this pin.

Thanks for helping.

The pin's effect should be immediate. No need to reboot.