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Problem on right clicing

Directory Ops 12.12.1 beta: Sometimes when right clicking on a file, DO closes without warning

I came back to the version DO 12.12 and the problem does not exist, everything is ok, only this problem occurs with the version 12.12.1 beta.

Does the problem come back if you go back to the beta version? If not, it may have been a coincidence.

Try rebooting, if it does come back, in case the issue is caused by the new installer not requiring a reboot. (That is still experimental in the beta.)

Slight changes to memory layout between versions may trigger bugs in third party shell extensions which had seemed OK before then. For us to know what happened and where the crash is, whether it is in Opus or someone else's code, you need to follow the guide Jon linked and report back the results. Otherwise, nothing will change, as no one else has reported anything similar.

I came back to version 12.12.1 beta by restarting my PC and the problem reappeared. For the moment I will go back to version 12.12 because no problem with this version and I will wait for the next update. Thank you for your quick reply

Nothing will change in the next update unless someone experiencing problems follows the guide and reports back to us. At least so far, there are no other reports. Everything works fine for us, and everyone else it would seem, and there weren't any related changes in 12.12.1 that should have affected context menus for us to inspect blind.

Whatever is happening seems to be unique to your setup and combination of shell extensions, making it impossible for anyone else to diagnose the issue. If a change in 12.12.1 is triggering the problem, that change will still be there in the next version unless we get information on where to look.

Or, if it's caused by a shell extension and not Opus, then the problem may come and go and could affect other software as well. The only way to fix it is to diagnose it.

Part of the guide Jon linked is about sending crash dumps to us. That is easy to do and would take only a few seconds of your time. Those are sometimes enough for us to locate a problem or at least say which component is causing it.

According to your answers the problem seemed to be my configuration, I installed DO on my laptop and no problem so I scanned with utilities and the problem seems to be clear, thank you again for your attention to your customers

So all is OK now with 12.12.1 beta?

Is the laptop the same machine that was having the problem, or a different one? If another machine still has problems, please send us the crash dumps.

No, my laptop is another computer