Problem padding MP3 track numbers in new

I have a button in my "Music" toolbar that renames MP3 files based on their ID3 tags, and I love it. I had to have a separate button to pad the track numbers in the file name, and I've been anxiously waiting for Dopus to be able to pad track numbers using {mp3track}. Accoriding to the documentation, I can do that with

But I can't. When I try to type the argument into a rename dialog, I'm not allowed to enter a pipe. The changelog posted here at the Resource Center says that using {mp3track|#2} will pad the track number to two digits. I'm not able to get a pipe into the appropriate place in the rename dialog. Cutting and pasting does not work either.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the actual argument usage different than what's been posted here?



Hmm, yes this seems not to work. The code to support the padding was back-ported from the current development version to 8.2 for the upgrade, but not the code to allow the | to be entered in the rename dialog :frowning:

You could probably get it to work from a hard-coded button (which it sounds as if you are using anyway) as there are no limits when setting up a button on which characters can be entered.

Sorry 'bout that, chief! :slight_smile:

I may be missing something else. In this post, I was told that in order to use the metadata fields in rename buttons, I would actually have to code a button to run a rename preset. The only way to make presets is by opening the rename dialog, correct? So, I can't make a preset that pads the track number because I can't type a pipe into the rename dialog, correct? Or is there a way to "hard-code" a rename like this into a button without the need for a preset? Is there some combination of FROM, PATTERN, and TO that I haven't discovered yet?

Thanks again.


Something like:

Rename TO "{mp3track|#2}-{mp3album}-{mp3artist}-{mp3title}.mp3" FILEINFO

should work fine.

Thanks, jon. It does indeed work beautifully.

I was unable to find anything about the FILEINFO tag in the manual or the "Opus 82 Changes" files. Am I missing something (again!), or is it undocumented?


Looks like it missed the docs.. but it is implied by the "File information" in the rename dialog (generally most dialog options will have matching command arguments).