Problem pasting from Windows Explorer to Opus


I'm using Opus 11.17 and I have the following problem:

After download a file (PDF) with IE11 and do OPEN FOLDER (in IE11), I do COPY or CUT that file from the open folder and I do PASTE to a folder in Directory Opus, nothing happens (with Ctrl+C or RMouse+Paste).

This happens immediately after download the file.

If I open a new Windows Explorer and repeat the process, everything work properly.

Using Windows 7 Pro


If you open a second Windows Explorer window and try pasting into that, does that work?

In other words:

[ul][li]Download PDF file in IE11.[/li]
[li]Click OPEN FOLDER. Windows Explorer opens.[/li]
[li]Ctrl-C the file from that window.[/li]
[li]Open another Windows Explorer window.[/li]
[li]Ctrl-V the file to that window.[/li][/ul]

Does that work, or does it fail as well?

Hello Leo,

No, trying to copy or past to another Windows Explorer does not work

And if I try to past using the RMB it also doesn't work (I can send you a screen picture so you can see)


That tells us it is unrelated to Opus, at least.

There may be something unusual about the path of the window which IE is opening (so the path put into the clipboard is in a format that other things do not recognise), or possibly the context the window is opened under (e.g. if IE is triggering the Explorer window to open with Low Integrity, like much of the browser itself does, then it would not be able to modify the clipboard and there would be nothing in the clipboard to paste).

I can only guess, though. The issue involves Explorer and IE rather than Opus, since it appears the clipboard data is incorrect (or possibly not set at all) before Opus is involved, or with Opus not involved at all and a second Explorer window used in its place.