Problem setting FTP Global password

Hi there, can anyone confirm a problem in changing the Global password in the Preferences->FTP page? When I try - I click in the field shown for Global password: and as soon as a hit any key, I get a Password Required! popup dialog asking me to Please enter global FTP password. - but entering my desired password and clicking on OK just results in an error sound and the dialog resets to a blank field waiting for input.

?? don't understand ??

Hi Steje !

I have it working ... kind of.

Fact is that I have three FTP sites.
The first is my best Web Host, but I'm leaving them soon as although the server is very fast,
it's overtinkered with useless stuff.
In truth, they are no longer competitive.
The second is a 6 MB site without PHP provided by my ISP.
The third is a free 500 MB site from 1 & 1 good for another 1.5 years.

All three have different passwords.

The Dopus 8 manual page 49 :

When I enter "password", I am then able to reset the global password and then reset it again using the new password.

                                :opusicon: porcupine


Good lookin Porc man, that was just the ticket! Guess the maxim; RTFM never dies :slight_smile:. Thank you bro...