Problem trying to "Join" a file between two others

I created a new toolbar button with the following entered into the command editor...

Join FROM C:\path\to\header.html {dlgopen|Select file to insert...} C:\path\to\footer.html TO C:\path\to\inserted.html

To my delight, it works like a charm! I click the button, a file requester opens up, I navigate to and select the file to be inserted and my "inserted.html" file is overwritten with the selected file placed between copies of my "header.html" and "footer.html" files.

However, it took me hours to come up with that solution. What I really wanted was to be able to highlight a file in a lister, click my new button in the toolbar and have the process take place without a file requester opening at all. I tried {f}, {F}, {file} and a host of other {commands} in place of {dlgopen}, but nothing worked. The "Join" command seems to open up a dialogue window whenever and however called. I suppose I should be happy that the {dlgopen} method works, but I still feel driven to eliminate the file requester navigation step from the process. Afterall, I've already navigated to the appropriate directory in the lister to open "file-to-be-merged.html" in my text editor, so why should I have to do so a second time?

Perhaps I'm using the "Join" command in a way never envisioned for it to be used (which is to join back together the pieces of a huge file that had previously been split up into small pieces). What I'm doing is trying to easily preview incomplete HTML files locally that are ultimately to be made complete by my Perl script on my server. As they are now, they have no header, styles or JavaScript and therefore cannot be displayed properly.

Perhaps there's another command that would accomplish my desired result using only the selected file in the lister. Maybe even an MSDOS command?

Any ideas?

Hi Dave,

I thought this would be easy.
You're Damn Right !

I used an old HTML web site I had on HD.
The filenames can be hardcoded, but External Command Control Codes fail except {digopen} .

If noone else gets it,
I suggest that you file a bug report.

BTW, excellent website !

Good Luck,

Arguments like {f} do not work with internal commands. You need to use dopusrt to launch the command:

dopusrt.exe /cmd join

Thanks Tanis !!!

sync: Dopusrt.exe /CMD Join FROM C:\path\to\header.html {filepath} C:\path\to\footer.html TO C:\path\to\inserted.html

Does this work Dave? It seems to be working here.
Choose Standard Function Dopus or External.

Good Luck,
Tsunami :slight_smile:

Tsunami and tanis,

You guy rock! My new, improved button works quickly, silently and perfectly now, just like I originally had envisioned it!

I've been a dOpus fan since 1992 and still delight in finding new corner-cutting uses for it, but to tell you the truth, I would never have tried "sync: Dopusrt.exe /CMD Join..." This just might open the doors to other possibilities I've yet to imagine.

Thanks again,