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Problem updating to beta


Hi there,

I’m trying to update my version of Dopus to the beta version, partly due to the fact that the program has been crashing recently.

I downloaded the exe file and installed it, but it still seems to be version (5170) x64 and not the beta version. I did get and install the beta certificate. When I do a “Check for Program Updates” the software either does absolutely nothing, or says “Unable to contact server” (or a similar message, I can’t check the exact message since it is currently ignoring me).

Anyway please let me know how I can upgrade to the beta version.

Kind regards,


Just download the beta manually and install it… Directory Opus 11 Beta


Hi, yes that is what I did, downloaded and installed the file from here:

Directory Opus 11 Beta

After restarting my PC etc. I still have the stable non-beta version. So either that file is the the non-beta, or my software is not updating…


Not sure what to tell you - I just downloaded it and it shows as v11.0.11.0.




Okay thanks, after re-downloading and checking the file, and making sure all dopus processes were stopped, it has now installed to the beta version.

Perhaps it didn’t work properly because I didn’t ensure that all processes were closed?

Anyway thanks for your help!