Problem using Opus with Stablebit DrivePool

Running Windows 7 x64. I'm having a problem using Opus 11.6 in combination with a disk pooling app called DrivePool. In case you're not familiar, it basically takes empty drives and creates a "virtual" mount point combining the capacity of the disks and manages the raw disks in the background. Not quite a logical volume manager but similar.

Problem is that file operations on the pooled "virtual" drive behave differently from operations on regular drives (when using Opus).

When deleting a file or folder, I notice that the file is renamed to something like "$RFGDRFD.ext" and I need to manually refresh the folder listing to see the file disappear.

I don't see this behavior with Directory Opus on regular drives or with Windows Explorer on the pooled drive.

Not sure, whether it's DrivePool, Opus or some combination of the two. Can you provide any insight?

P.S. I've posted the same question to DrivePool's developers. Will keep you posted on their reply.

Please try the debugging steps in Changes to folders are not being detected and let us know what is reported. They may indicate that the drive is reporting changes in an unexpected way.